About Us

Walden’s Coffee House originated in 1995 and had several owners before the Barone family bought the business in 2012. Anthony and Karen Barone are entrepreneurs who have owned and operated successful businesses of their own throughout their lives. Anthony started at a young age operating his own gardening and landscaping business. He built it up to where he had five men working for him. Anthony and Karen have been married 48 years and have three sons. Anthony and Karen Barone operated and owned a floral and gift shop for 20 years in Hollister, CA. They were a well known family business in Hollister that was successful, while raising their three sons, who also were involved in the daily operations. Their main goal was in specializing in customer service and being personable with customers, quality products and making a name for themselves in the community.

On the way to becoming one of the best spots for breakfast Reno NV has to offer, Michael Barone had attended and graduated from the California Culinary Academy (College of Food). As well as a graduate of the International Culinary Institute for Foreigners ICIF in Costigliole D’ asti, Italy. He lived in Italy for a year and worked in an Italian restaurant in Ragusa, Sicily. As well as numerous restaurants in California expanding his experience in the food business. When Michael was a young boy, his fondest memories and greatest influences was being in the kitchen with his Italian nonnas while they were cooking. They inspired him with using home made, quality ingredients. The memories of smells in the kitchen magnified his senses and gave him an unquenchable passion for cooking and preparing dishes for others. He had a desire to watch the techniques they used in preparing flavorful food. To serve and cook for others and watching them enjoy it brought so much joy to him.

When we purchased Walden’s we decided to keep the name because of the memories and history that was made during the years. It’s a place where people come together for meetings, families meet and share their favorites at Walden’s. We have heard many stories where people have come to Walden’s on a first date and got married. Some have children of their own and are now enjoying the delicious variety of meals at Walden’s! We welcome travelers passing through and travelers visiting our breakfast Reno NV business. We have 3 locations to serve you and are right off Interstate 80!

When we first bought Walden’s, Michael enhanced and recreated the breakfast Reno NV and lunch menu, adding Chef Michael’s gourmet creations, sauces, dressings, and recipes. We take pride in creating many ingredients and items in house from scratch. Our sausage is ground and seasoned with our own special seasoning recipe. The turkey chili is made in small batches many times per week to ensure the freshness and quality. The special sauce is tangy and seasoned just right to make a perfect condiment for our specialty sandwiches we serve. Some of our pastries, our coffee cake, scones, turnovers, and cookies are also made in house. Some of the favorites are our house made pancakes, which were voted number 1 best pancakes for breakfast Reno NV has available. Another fan favorite, as well as our own, is our breakfast burrito. There are many meat options to add such as bacon, sausage, chorizo, ham, carnitas, chicken, veggies. It is also popular to make it super by adding sour cream, green chilis and avocado. Our house made salsa adds another level of great flavor! Daily, we offer a house made hearty soup. Huevos rancheros is another customer favorite! It is a fried flour tortilla topped with shredded cheese, turkey chili, onions, feta, cilantro, eggs and avocado. Our Avocado toast surpasses the expectation of yummy flavors. On top of toasted squaw bread is smashed tangy avocado, house made hummus, not to mention the sprinkles of red onion, roasted tomato, pistachios and feta cheese. There is an option to “twerk it” which means adding eggs and bacon on top! To add to your enjoyment we also serve mimosas! There is literally no bad option when you come to Walden’s Coffee House. Along with our delicious food and drinks comes a family friendly staff that are willing to go beyond expectations to help our customers feel welcome and satisfied. It’s very important to us that every customer leaves happy.

We purchased a second Walden’s Coffeehouse in November of 2015 and our third location in September of 2018. The first location is 3940 Mayberry Ave, Reno, NV. Our second location is 1170 So. Wells Ave. Reno, NV and our third location is 310 Arlington Ave. Reno, NV.

For each location, we strive to welcome each customer with a friendly smile. We want each and every one to feel comfortable, as if we were welcoming them into our home. We always try to make each customer satisfied with their dining experience whether it is for breakfast Reno NV, lunch or just coffee. Being Italian, we take to heart the importance of good food and the significance of family and friends gathering to eat and spend time together. Our fondest and most memorable times were spending time with our family and friends sharing delicious meals. We like to bring that aspect out into Walden’s so others can experience these pleasant times as well; delicious flavorful food in a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere. We also prepare food for larger parties and take pride to make sure each order is of the highest standard.

We now have had Walden’s Coffeehouse for 12 years and have shown the community what we stand for. God is number one in our lives and how we operate the restaurant. We stand for freedom and our God given rights that our constitution and country was founded upon. We believe our purpose is to be a light in this world, to be a place of hope where people can gather for friendship, fun, and the best breakfast Reno NV has to offer.